Photos by stage

Using a variety of cameras, from SLR's, to Endoscope and iPhone cameras, we took many photos at different stages of construction and have categorised them into the following five stages for your convenience.


Stage ...
Boronia Footy Show slideshow
Boronia Mall slideshow
Outside slideshow
Ute Transport slideshow
Croydon Central Shopping Centre slideshow

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Stage ...
Template slideshow
Skeleton slideshow
Frame assembly slideshow
Cladding slideshow
Stern dressing slideshow
Bow dressing slideshow
Masts slideshow
Sides hull slideshow
Sides opening slideshow
Rigging slideshow

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Stage ...
Hold slideshow
Orlop slideshow
Lower deck slideshow
Middle deck slideshow
Upper deck slideshow
Quarter deck slideshow
Poop deck slideshow

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Stage ...
Anchor slideshow
Barrels slideshow
Boats slideshow
Buckets slideshow
Capstan slideshow
Chairs slideshow
Chests slideshow
Columns slideshow
Doors slideshow
Electronics and lighting slideshow
Figurehead and sternpiece slideshow
Flags slideshow
Furniture slideshow
Guns slideshow
Guns - balls slideshow
Guns - chests slideshow
Guns - hatches slideshow
Guns - mechanism slideshow
Guns - powder buckets slideshow
Guns - prototype slideshow
Guns - tools slideshow
Hammocks and beds slideshow
Miscellaneous slideshow
Netting slideshow
Picture frames slideshow
Pulleys slideshow
Rigging slideshow
Rope slideshow
Rudder slideshow
Runway slideshow
Sails slideshow
Shovels slideshow
Speers slideshow
Stand slideshow
Steering wheel slideshow
Steps slideshow
Stove slideshow
Tables slideshow
The Ship Yard slideshow
Toilets slideshow

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External View

Stage ...
Lights day slideshow
Lights night slideshow
Normal slideshow

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